US Energy Strategy Needs Decision Making, Long Term Thinking, and Action in the Present

Okay so, the Obama Administration wishes to hold-off on making a decision on the oil pipeline from Canada into the US. But, why I ask, and why is the Obama Administration even involved in this, after all, if the company clears it with the regulatory agencies, it should be allowed to get it done. However, due to the protests outside the White House, mostly of anti-oil, global-warming alarmists, and green peace type environmentalists who normally are Obama supporters, his administration has decided to intervene.

There was an interesting article in the New York Times on November 11, 2011 titled; “U.S. Delays Decision on Pipeline Until After Election,” by John M Broder and Dan Frosch with an interesting picture below with a caption which stated; “Protesters in Washington on Sunday called for the project’s cancellation.” The article stated;

“The Obama administration, under sharp pressure from officials in Nebraska and restive environmental activists, announced Thursday that it would review the route of the disputed Keystone XL oil pipeline, effectively delaying any decision about its fate until after the 2012 election.”

But, gee wheelickers, you know isn’t that a lot like voting “present” I ask my reader? First, why is “he” making this decision, secondly, why wait on our energy infrastructure, which will be paid for by private enterprise, and why not build it now, create jobs, and get first dibs on that oil, so that they don’t go and ship all that North American Oil out to China? China is on a world-wide scavenger hunt, and they are all over the Western Hemisphere in case you haven’t been watching.

China has made deals with Venezuela, Argentina, Cuba, and Canada in the last six months to set up infrastructure and give them the resources they need. Further, China has oil deals in Egypt, Libya, Iraq, Iran, and several African nations. Oh, so you didn’t know that did you? Well, it must be nice to support a rag-tag group of oil pipeline protestors, who better get used to riding their bicycles if this sort of non-sense continues.

We need a strong energy strategy in the US, and all we have is an anti-carbon emissions campaign built on false promises of pie-in-the-sky alternative energy and petty pandering populist politics if you ask me. Someone in the Obama Administration needs to wake up, otherwise, they just aren’t needed, and thus, we need them to leave office ASAP, and that election coming up, can’t come soon enough from where I am standing. Please consider all this.

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