Spectacular Content Presentation With Your Market in Mind

Understanding how people receive information…

Understanding how people receive information is imperative for optimizing the reach of your content. If they are struggling to absorb your message, they won’t find any value in it and they sure won’t find any success in implementation.

Here’s how people receive information – also known as their learning modalities:

  1. Visually: (55% – 75% of the population) These people learn by seeing. Reading text, charts, graphs and watching any type of video are some of the ways by which these people learn or consume information.
  2. Auditory: (20% – 30% of the population) These people learn by listening or speaking. Listening to recorded audio, hearing a live speech or reciting are ways by which auditory learners consume information.
  3. Kinesthetic: (5% – 15% of the population) People in this group learn by doing or touching. By writing, typing, clicking the mouse, or any other type of physical action, information will make way more sense to these individuals.

The Message…

The message here is… don’t put your content out in one format only. If all of your content is presented as audio files, then over 60% of your market will not be able to effectively take in what you are saying. That’s a huge number of people that won’t “get it”.

So look at many different means to present your content. For example, there are Spectacular Presentations, teleseminars with PDF handouts, DVD’s, questionnaires, live workshops, seminars, etc… the ideas are virtually endless.

If you visit www.HubAndSpokeVideo.com, not only will you experience a great marketing message, you will discover many interesting and effective ways to present your content.

What your market wants

Remember, it’s not what you want, it’s what your market wants… and adding value for your market is what it’s all about.

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