How to Do Good Cop Bad Cop in a Sales Presentation

When it comes to a sales presentation the toughest part is the closing statements and getting the customer to give at least a verbal commitment, but with the good cop bad cop routine you can pull the commitment right out of them. The tricky part of the good cop bad cop routine is if you are doing it by yourself because you will need to be the bad cop first in order for the customer to start asking questions and responding and then follow up with the good cop and answer any questions and get your closing commitment.

No matter what it is you are trying to sell whether it is a product or a service you will want to make sure that you always are the good guy at the end and the reason why is because if you save the bad cop for the end you will lose the customer and have nothing to fall back on. Make sure that when doing the good cop bad cop in a sales presentation that you prepare completely for it because if not your customer will see right through you and therefore ruin that relationship and any further business they could have brought.

In all my times of doing the good cop bad cop routine in a sales presentation it has only not worked 2 times out of around 40 because I practice what I will say and what their response will be because there is no point for me to go into a sales presentation not knowing what will happened and what the outcome will be. If athletes practice what they will do in a game they why don’t all sales people practice what they will say and how they want their game to play out? If you can master this method you will have the search to make money quickly in all aspects of sales.

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