Christmas Presents for the Romantic Woman

Christmas comes and you want to give her a really nice present. Something she likes. Is she very romantic? You will find out the key for success is not in spending a fortune, but on making the right choices when it comes to deciding what to get for her. Let’s start by considering that, for the romantic woman, all these aspects will be important:


Packaging is more than just paper. It is responsible for your gift’s first impression. The present should be carefully wrapped in nice good looking paper, with a ribbon or some nice decoration. You can be sure that creative packaging will be appreciated.


A small card with a handwritten message, attached to the package, will also cause a very good impression. Be creative and think of something else than just Merry Christmas. She will enjoy this and most probably treasure the card inside some book for years to come.


Finally we arrive to the gift. This leads to the question of what to get for her. There are several possible options, depending on your available budget and her personal tastes. Romantic women will most probably enjoy these:

  • A necklace, earrings or bracelet. Try to find something that matches her personality, the colors she likes. If you are not sure, pay attention to those she already owns and they will provide a clue.
  • A special dress or blouse, something out of the ordinary.
  • A bottle of her favorite perfume.
  • Makeup.
  • An elegant wristwatch with a feminine touch.
  • A box of chocolates. The box should be nice itself so she keeps it once the chocolates are gone.
  • Lingerie.
  • A romantic novel, if she enjoys reading.
  • Music or Movies. A DVD of an old classic you know she likes watching over and over. An entire season set of that TV series she loves.
  • A book of poems.
  • A small trip to get a break from work and routine. She will surely love this present but you must already be wondering what about packaging here? No problem. Put some information about the trip, could be brochures and a handwritten voucher, or a nice handwritten note, inside an envelope, put the envelope inside a box and have it nicely wrapped in red paper with a golden ribbon.
  • A day at a spa.
  • A nice sweater.

Want to surprise her even more? Some beautiful flowers or a special breakfast in bed are always welcome.

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