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Christmas Presents for the Romantic Woman

Jun 12 2023 Published by admin under Uncategorized

Christmas comes and you want to give her a really nice present. Something she likes. Is she very romantic? You will find out the key for success is not in spending a fortune, but on making the right choices when it comes to deciding what to get for her. Let’s start by considering that, for the romantic woman, all these aspects will be important:


Packaging is more than just paper. It is responsible for your gift’s first impression. The present should be carefully wrapped in nice good looking paper, with a ribbon or some nice decoration. You can be sure that creative packaging will be appreciated.


A small card with a handwritten message, attached to the package, will also cause a very good impression. Be creative and think of something else than just Merry Christmas. She will enjoy this and most probably treasure the card inside some book for years to come.


Finally we arrive to the gift. This leads to the question of what to get for her. There are several possible options, depending on your available budget and her personal tastes. Romantic women will most probably enjoy these:

  • A necklace, earrings or bracelet. Try to find something that matches her personality, the colors she likes. If you are not sure, pay attention to those she already owns and they will provide a clue.
  • A special dress or blouse, something out of the ordinary.
  • A bottle of her favorite perfume.
  • Makeup.
  • An elegant wristwatch with a feminine touch.
  • A box of chocolates. The box should be nice itself so she keeps it once the chocolates are gone.
  • Lingerie.
  • A romantic novel, if she enjoys reading.
  • Music or Movies. A DVD of an old classic you know she likes watching over and over. An entire season set of that TV series she loves.
  • A book of poems.
  • A small trip to get a break from work and routine. She will surely love this present but you must already be wondering what about packaging here? No problem. Put some information about the trip, could be brochures and a handwritten voucher, or a nice handwritten note, inside an envelope, put the envelope inside a box and have it nicely wrapped in red paper with a golden ribbon.
  • A day at a spa.
  • A nice sweater.

Want to surprise her even more? Some beautiful flowers or a special breakfast in bed are always welcome.

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Spectacular Content Presentation With Your Market in Mind

Jun 11 2023 Published by admin under Uncategorized

Understanding how people receive information…

Understanding how people receive information is imperative for optimizing the reach of your content. If they are struggling to absorb your message, they won’t find any value in it and they sure won’t find any success in implementation.

Here’s how people receive information – also known as their learning modalities:

  1. Visually: (55% – 75% of the population) These people learn by seeing. Reading text, charts, graphs and watching any type of video are some of the ways by which these people learn or consume information.
  2. Auditory: (20% – 30% of the population) These people learn by listening or speaking. Listening to recorded audio, hearing a live speech or reciting are ways by which auditory learners consume information.
  3. Kinesthetic: (5% – 15% of the population) People in this group learn by doing or touching. By writing, typing, clicking the mouse, or any other type of physical action, information will make way more sense to these individuals.

The Message…

The message here is… don’t put your content out in one format only. If all of your content is presented as audio files, then over 60% of your market will not be able to effectively take in what you are saying. That’s a huge number of people that won’t “get it”.

So look at many different means to present your content. For example, there are Spectacular Presentations, teleseminars with PDF handouts, DVD’s, questionnaires, live workshops, seminars, etc… the ideas are virtually endless.

If you visit, not only will you experience a great marketing message, you will discover many interesting and effective ways to present your content.

What your market wants

Remember, it’s not what you want, it’s what your market wants… and adding value for your market is what it’s all about.

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Selecting a Topic For the Persuasive Presentation

Jun 10 2023 Published by admin under Uncategorized

While my last two articles dealt with subjects for the informative presentation, I wanted to take this opportunity to discuss those forms of oral discourse which are persuasive in nature. The idea with the persuasive is to take your 5, 10, 20 or 40-minute presentation and convince your audience to agree with what you are saying. In other words, to persuade your audience to agree with your ideas, theories, values or beliefs. In business, this may mean selling a product, your client’s innocence, a contract, or even your motivational CD’s in the back of the room.

For many people involved with Toastmasters or attending a public speaking class or workshop, however, selecting a topic for a persuasive presentation can be daunting. Because your club or your coach may not allow a business topic, you may be required to voice your opinion on something with which others may disagree. Whereas with the informative presentation you are essentially providing a descriptive account, the persuasive requires you to try to convince your listeners to see things the way you do. The difference between the two is that the informative does not require your listeners to agree with you – only to listen.

Do you hold an opinion on a controversial subject that you would like to share with others? Do you agree or disagree with abortion, same-sex marriage, global warming, or socialized medicine? Perhaps you have an opinion on the lowering or the raising of the drinking age. If you feel strongly on a particular subject, do your research and then talk about it.

Blogs, forums, and websites that provide articles for commentary are excellent avenues to explore for topics. I constantly think of new topics for articles when I read commentaries and opinion pieces. And, in some of those cases, I disagree with the writer and will publish a rebuttal. Once you have your topic, create your presentation by listing your information, your facts, your figures, or your beliefs and then either defend it or dispute it.

The persuasive is really no more difficult to create or to deliver than the informative; however, you need to be prepared for some to disagree no matter what you say, no matter how good your evidence, and no matter what the media says. Everyone is in entitled to his/her opinion and it your job to respect that. Don’t be at a loss for a topic the next time you are required to give a persuasive presentation. Life is full of topical debate. Select something you believe in and then defend it.

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Suggestions for Buying Unique Presents or Gifts

Jun 08 2023 Published by admin under Uncategorized

Unique presents are hard to find and everyone seems to do the same things. I guess it also depends on what your idea of unique is? We some times get conditioned to think something is unique because we see it so often – unique presents or gifts should be just that, unique!

Looking for unique presents there are a few things you should look for that make it a unique present or gift. Do a little research before you make the purchase to’ try to find out if the company you’re buying from is a distributor or a manufacturer. If you’re dealing with a distributor you will find more often than not the originality or creativity is out of their hands. The product is being purchased and then redistributed. Should you find a manufacturer the creativity process is in their hands and you will probably find more unique items because the rules don’t apply to them the same way it does to a distributor. The manufacturer can create more because the cost is less for the manufacturer. A good example is pewter decorative emblems, if the manufacturer is producing it for themselves the labour cost becomes irrelevant. They are now producing something for themselves and they can create whatever they like.

This is a bit of the breakdown just to give you an idea of hard cost versus labour. The manufacturer has to create their design and that is labour not a hard cost, next the artist puts it to film and from film it goes to magnesium. This is a minimal cost to the manufacturer, the labour would be higher than the cost of the film and the mag. At this point the artist gets the magnesium plate back and does the engraving, once again this is just a labour cost. The next part of the process is the mould, there is a small cost for the rubber but its minimal. The mould is then cooked to put the impression on to the mould. Once the mould has been cooked, the casting of the mould as well as the sanding, buffing and antiquing is all labour.

If you find a manufacturer you will probably find that their pricing is better than most because there is no middle man and they can absorb a portion or all the labour costs. We have seen a lot of silk screening, ghosting but not a lot of pewter, that’s what makes it unique and a great gift or present.

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6 Tips For How to Give a Great Presentation

Jun 06 2023 Published by admin under Uncategorized

Most people know that at some point in their professional lives they will have to deliver a presentation. Whether the material is as dry as a tinderbox or whether it is just plain controversial, observing certain guidelines can really cut down on preparation time (and those nerves) as well as vastly improve the final effect that you create with the audience. Here are six simple things to consider before you start:

1. A clear objective. Most people start with a load of content and try to shoe-horn it into a PowerPoint show – instead start with the question: “What effect am I trying to achieve with their opinions and with their emotions?

2. Involvement. Plan to get your audience involved in the first 30 seconds – or less. They have to understand what is in it for them – why they should pay attention to you rather than their Blackberry or their own head noise?

3. Simplicity. Keep things as simple as you dare. Regardless of the IQ level of the audience, people are so poor at keeping things in their heads whilst trying to pay attention that most of what ends up on the screen or in a script might as well be in a handout for all the audience is able to retain. You will also be avoiding Murphy’s Law: ‘If it can go wrong it will go wrong’.

4. Relevance. Think carefully about what you keep in the presentation. Be brave about culling the material until you can cut out no more without the whole thing not making sense. It is great to watch a presentation that sticks to the point and it makes the content so much more memorable too.

5. Humour. Don’t feel pressured into having to be funny. Starting with a joke is not compulsory. Instead, consider beginning your presentation with a relevant observation about something that has happened to you on that very day. e.g. In a presentation about sales figures or targets you might start out with: “On my way here today I stopped off to buy a chocolate bar – I found they were on special offer. It made me wonder why the sales director for that company had done that…”

6. Personality. Something happens to people during the walk from their chair to the podium. They are transformed into people that their own families wouldn’t recognise. Since most people’s ultimate presentation need is to be believed, it is important to allow the authentic, real you to peep through the numbers and words.

Spending a few minutes thinking about each of those six tips will not only make preparing your next presentation quicker and more fun but it will also probably mean that you enjoy the experience of presenting so much more. Good luck.

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5 Steps For Delivering an Excellent Presentation – Not a Perfect One!

Jun 06 2023 Published by admin under Uncategorized

If there is one thing that cannot happen in public speaking, it is the possibility of delivering a perfect presentation. What would make your words or your manner of speaking perfect? Can you answer that honestly? Your presentation may be great; it may be excellent; it may be the best you have ever done; but, that doesn’t make it perfect. Perfection is subjective in this particular venue. In fact, any live performance, be it music, theatre, or even in the sports arena cannot be judged by that one particular word – perfection.

You can type something perfectly; you can build a box perfectly square; and, you can copy a paper perfectly. But trying to accomplish perfection at the lectern is a waste of time. Instead of trying to achieve something that is impossible, might I suggest you strive for excellence? Excellence allows for an occasional mistake; perfection doesn’t

Mistakes are made in live performances. It is unavoidable. It is normal. It is natural. Just watch or listen to the news on any given day and you will hear a mistake or two. You won’t hear a lot of them, but they do happen. If you think that the only way you can give a great performance is by not making a mistake, then you are placing a pressure on yourself that is unfair – unfair to you as well as your audience.

1. Practice your material out loud on a daily basis so that you know your topic inside and out.
2. Deliver your speech or presentation with color, with life, with animation. Allow your emotion to be seen and to be heard by means of vocal variety, facial expression and body language
3. Acknowledge all in your audience – not just those in the center but those on the right as well as the left.
4. Believe in yourself. Believe that you will do the best job that you can do and then do it. (If you think you cannot do it, I guarantee you will not!)
5. Breathe – most importantly – breathe and you will discover the best means of controlling nervousness in any form of public speaking.

You have enough to worry about when addressing an audience without the added stress of seeking something that is unattainable. What I might consider perfect may not be what you consider perfect. That is what makes it subjective. The sooner you can accept this fact, the better you will be the next time you must give a speech or presentation.

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Cheap Christmas Presents – What Should You Buy?

Jun 04 2023 Published by admin under Uncategorized

Let me tell you straight. In the current financial climate no one wants to spend too much much on presents. But you do not want to be known as a the person who would not buy presents, right.

So what should you buy?

young children love drawing and playing games. They will spend hours doing puzzles or playing games. Wild planet hyperdash which is an example is currently one of the top ten Christmas toys and is heavily discounted in some places too. This is a good cheap Christmas present and you can easily find others like it.

Older children like to play games as well,like sliders,which is another current top ten Christmas toy and will make a good cheap Christmas present.Older children like gadgets like mp3 players.

If you really want to buy someone an ipod buy and do not want to spend too much, you can buy them an ipod nano.The disk capacity is big enough for any child or young adult,regardless of what they say and the prices are cheap enough too.

What do you buy a teenager

Teenagers love clothes and music and films. It is not to difficult to find really good fashionable clothing as a cheap Christmas present.

Let me tell you a little secret. I get a lot of clothes from a certain store with a name that sounds like max.But you have to get them at least three weeks before Christmas, but they make great cheap Christmas presents.

You can find a lot good films as well that make a great cheap Christmas presents for teenagers.

What about adults

It is not too hard to find a fragrance or clothes from the place I mentioned earlier and if you really do insist on splashing out, there is a great demand for notebooks or laptops.Even there you do not have to spend too much.They are not exactly cheap Christmas presents but you can find a netbook at a much lower price than standard laptop.

What is a netbook?

A netbook is a notebook or laptop which is primarily designed for surfing the internet and browsing websites and playing back movies, it is very portable laptop not really to be really be used for business, but then again, how many people do you know who use a laptop for business.

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Is Your Sales Presentation In Danger? 5 Top Tips Of Sales Communication Training

Jun 03 2023 Published by admin under Uncategorized

Countdown to a big client pitch? Are you struggling to get organized, focus on benefits and answer tough questions? Learn 5 top tips to be a super star sales communicator.

If you’ve ever faced an important client presentation with increasing anxiety, there is an alternative. Sales communication training shows exactly how to become confident and master the skills you need to sell effectively.

Use this checklist to get prepared, feel ready and ace your big day.

1. Adapt To Your Audience

Is your audience filled with high tech experts? Or is your group factory floor managers? Based on your audience, you must adapt, adjust…or die.

Get to know exactly what each audience needs and wants. This valuable insight will help you make smart decisions about your story, pace, examples and calls to action.

2. Use Easy To Understand Pictures

“Easy to understand…is easy to buy.”

Repeat after me. Easy to understand…is easy to buy. If you’re part of a sales team, make this a group mantra. Write this big and bold on your desktop. Keep it in full view…especially before a big pitch.

Focus attention with easy-to-understand visuals and expect to see faster decisions…and easier sales.

3. Have A Dynamic Conversation

While planning your sales message, organize it as a creative and logical conversation. Think of give-and-take. Organize your message to involve and include your audience. This requires a different way of planning and organizing information.

Curious how to do this fast? Use a Presentation Storyboard. This one-page outline is a visual blueprint that does the heavy lifting and thinking for you. Just fill in the ‘blanks’ and you’ll have a powerful story-based conversation.

4. Be Yourself

Be yourself. This is difficult for new and experienced professionals. Remember: you don’t need to become someone else in order to be highly effective in presenting. The more you are yourself; the easier it is to speak with confidence.

While a polished image is important; it is not your criteria. If being authentic and genuine is challenging for you, get help from an objective executive coach. Your coach will help you apply your unique strengths into effective communication skills.

5. Escape “Yes!”

While many ambitious business people like to say ‘yes!’ to every business opportunity, there are huge dangers. There is a clear logic to saying ‘no’ when appropriate.

If your prospect or client asks you to do something that is outside your area of expertise and specialization. If your client requests a complete customization, an unreasonable pricing, or draconian terms.

Saying ‘yes’ to every possibility can be an addiction, which can put businesses out of business. Successful sales professionals know when to say, “Yes, we can do that’ and when to say, “I have just the person to talk to.”

What do they know that you don’t?

They have learned specific techniques to define core business strategy, impress clients, and stay focused on strategic priorities. Whether you choose to learn these valuable skills in a communication class, an online presentation skills training, or one-on-one with an executive coach, you will use your skills for years to come.

The good news is: you can learn improve your sales communication skills quickly. When you’re looking for fast answers to prepare for your presentation, use these 5 tips.

But if you are truly serious about advancing in your career, then grow your skills. In minutes a day in an online presentation skills training, you’ll know exactly how to be a masterful sales communicator.

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Sales Tips: Delivering Sales Presentations That Differentiate and Motivate

May 30 2023 Published by admin under Uncategorized

If your sales presentations don’t differentiate and motivate then you are probably creating well-informed prospects instead of customers.

In a competitive market you can’t afford to waste presentations that don’t lead to sales.Every presentation you give is an oppor­tunity to reinforce and position your produc­ts in your customer’s mind. If your presenta­tion is unfocused and general, the impact on your customer will be temporary. If your presenta­tion is focused and specifical­ly geared for that specific customer, you can etch an indelible impression in your custom­er’s mind. Therefore, your presentation must:

  • Link your solution to the buyer’s is­sues and needs.
  • Demonstrate how your solution is signifi­cantly different and better than the comp­etition’s solution.
  • Offer proof of your claims.
  • Build urgency and motivate the buyer to act.

There are two closely related skills you must use while presenting your product. They are:

  • Relating your product to the customer’s current personal or business needs to set up a relationship between the two. In short, you have to show the customer how your product will ad­dress his or her needs.
  • Demonstrating that your product is the solution to your customer’s needs in a way that is clearly dif­ferent from the solutions offered by your competition. It’s not enough just to present features and benefits. Your presenta­tion must deliver strong feature benefit state­ments that distinguish your product as the best or only solution to your customer’s needs.

The goal is to give your customers the information that will help differen­tiate your product from the competition. Custom­ers make decisions to buy through a pro­cess of differentiation among similar prod­ucts. To differentiate among prod­ucts, they have to see a distinction in the various prod­uct fea­tures and benefits. Your job is to help them see the unique strengths of your prod­uct that make it distinct from the competition.

If you don’t offer the information for customers to make that distinction, they may have to create one, or your competition may help create one. If customers are the ones making the distinctions about your product independently, you’re at a disadvantage. If your competition makes the distinc­tion, they will score at your cost.

The critical difference in a consultative approach to product presentation is that you focus on finding a fit between your product and the customer’s wants and needs. Most traditional feature benefit presentations assume that every product feature has a benefit for customers. This tradition­al approach only works if customers have already recognized the value of the benefits you present. When you focus on the unique strengths of your product, you first have to decide what your customer really wants, and then tailor your presentation to deliver the features that fulfill those needs.

If your goal is to win your customers’ mind and business you must focus on aligning the benefits of your solution with their wants and needs. This can only be done by delivering sales presentations that differentiate and motivate customers to buy…fro you and only you.

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Guidelines For a Successful PowerPoint Presentation

May 29 2023 Published by admin under Uncategorized

The best PowerPoint presentation will be easy to read and comprehend.

During class today, three students gave their PowerPoint presentations on European history. All three students had one thing in common, they choose the wrong color scheme for their slides. I immediately lost interest cause I could not read the words on the screen. I understood why they choose the color. They matched the color to their topic. For example, one of the students’ topic was Lenin, communism and socialism. He choose a red background with black letters. The red and black represented the colors in the USSR flag. However, I could not read a word on the screen. Yet, I am sure he had no problem reading from the computer screen cause that’s what he did. Therefore, the color scheme might look good on the computer screen, but its perceived differently on the screen your fellow students, associates, boss or professor will view. Your color choice can make or break your presentation. Always use a light background with dark letters or vise versa. Be careful the letters do consistently contrast on the screen. One of these students used a blue template that had light and dark blue swirls. She used dark blue letters. Some of the words went into the dark blue background and were difficult if not impossible to read. So, if you use one of the color backgrounds always check to make sure this does not happen to you.

The best PowerPoint presentation is created on a white background with black or dark letters.

Choose color carefully. Red brings attention. Too much can be a disaster. It also is suppose to trigger emotion. Use in moderation. Never use Blue on green or vise versa. You won’t be able to read it on the screen. Remember green is the least liked color of executives. Lime green is a terrible choice for a background. Again, your best choice is to either use a plain white template available with Microsoft PowerPoint or choose a template with a white background with a little design at the top. Avoid background pictures. The picture competes with your words and makes it difficult to read. Remember, the purpose of your presentation is to present your topic in a clear and concise manner. White letters on a dark background is not a very good choice either. However, it is better than the above mentioned color schemes.

Keep it simple (KISS)

Its best to keep your wording short and concise. Make a bullet list. Avoid long sentences. You can elaborate during your presentation or not. The bullet list serves as cues for what you want to say. One of the best presentations I have witnessed was created using pictures. One picture covered the entire screen. No words. The student explained each picture in detail. Her presentation held everyone’s attention. Out of 20 presentation so far, this is the only one that I remember. Everyone else’s was truly forgettable.

Letters should be large enough to see from the back of the room. Avoid too much on any one slide. You will be able to tell how much is too much, cause the words will get smaller. Try to make your wording concise. Its always good practice to use one side for a picture that pertains to your topic and one side for your words. The picture will add interest to your presentation. If you have to use a graph or a pie chart. Put it on the whole slide and explain your findings without using a bullet list. This way the focus is on the graph or pie chart, not on your words.

Avoid transition, sound and animation.

Although these features are rather nifty, they can be annoying. Consider this, you will be nervous when presenting. Everyone is. So, you might forget to click to bring the next line onto the screen and get all mess up. Sound is only useful if it pertains to your topic. For example, if your topic is Mozart and music appreciation, you might click on short soundtrack link of Mozart’s music on the screen. However, do not run the music in the background. It will distract from your presentation. The same is true with video. If your presentation is simply an exercise in PowerPoint, then by all means use every feature it has. If your presentation is on a specific topic, then focus on your report not on the PowerPoint features. You will make a better impression on your teacher or boss if you know your subject material.

Remember, your teacher or boss are only interested in the material you are presenting. You have to present this information in a clear and concise manner. All the fancy features you can use will distract from your report and make you look amateurish.

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